I am not your drone plexus carrier, Osho…go fuck yourself….the buddhas are corrupt monsters…

I am suspicious the Osho entity is trying to asphyxiate me to produce a drone carrier of the sufi plexus. The original jewish transmitters I am hearing were stripped of all that and I am one of the few left.

Sorry, Osho, abuse of power and the whole buddha game is confusing enough.

My strategy in speaking of the sufi legacy here is to stop it, until some honest information appears in public.
I am hearing all those jewish fascists are invited into the commune, while the radical angle with communist strains is a hoax, and will be used to create drone plants to sabotage the left.

The only safe thing to do with the seed plexus is dump in during death transition seeing to it no corrupt occultist gain control of it….

Let’s forget osho: the left can create its own better neo-buddism.


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